We have long recognized that safeguarding the safety of our employees is of primary importance. It is our policy to provide a safe place of employment, and to maintain sound operating practices which will result in safe working conditions and efficient operations.

Accident prevention is an operating responsibility, which demands the same executive direction and control as is given to other methods of increasing our efficiency. As an operating function, accident prevention is incorporated as part of normal, routine operating responsibilities. Supervisors are being directly responsible for continuous effort toward the prevention of accidents. Management at all levels diligently carries out this policy.

We also realize that the success of any accident prevention effort depends primarily on the cooperation and active support of all employees. Each employee is expected to abide by the safety rules and follow safe work practices to help ensure their own safety, as well as that of their fellow employees.

The prevention of accidents and the human loss that accompanies them is a cooperative effort of both labor and management for the benefit of all.


The elimination of incidents is the only sure method of controlling the costs of safety.

The elimination of incidents is the best method of eliminating claims, protecting from harm those who would otherwise be injured, and denying opportunity to those who would abuse the system.

If we do not control our own safety and claims, someone else will.

The proper selection of our people is wholly within our control, and is critical to the success of our business. This is a key to the elimination of accidents.

The proper application of our people is wholly within our control, and is critical to our success in all areas of endeavor, especially, in the elimination of accidents.

Our employees will pay attention to that which is important. They will judge what is important by observing where we focus our time and attention, and where we spend our money. They will respond to what we measure before they respond to what we say.

The owner of a program or process will take greater care with it, and participate in it more fully than anyone else. Our employees, therefore, must own their safety program if it is to succeed.

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